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Dear a few months from now Eli,

Don’t listen to anything I say in this letter. It was an assignment at the end of 6th grade. It’s not like I will forget anything over the summer. Hopefully you will have forgot what an I Can is. Don’t bring your knife to school, they don’t like it. Now stop reading.

I suppose I have to say some thing here. I have no advice for 7th grade considering I have never been to 7th grade. Bla bla bla. YOU CAN NOT FLY FROM ANY HIGHT. (no matter what they say) ect. ect. I thought I told you to STOP. Now quit it. No more. All done. There is no more for you. Nothing.

This paragraph does not exist. If you read any farther YOU WILL DIE…..

Die… die… die… die… die…  die…  die…



Eli Williams

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Reflective Letter

1206 Lincoln Ave

Pasadena, Ca


June 12, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Eli Williams and I an in 6th grade. This year I took Humanities (ELA, History), P.E., Science and Math. The electives I took where Travel Club, Drama Club and Yearbook. I participated in the Philly/D.C., Humane society and Apple store tips. I also went to three plays (Noises off, 12th night and Bring it on.)

My favorite writing piece this year was my purpose of religion writing piece. My best style of  writing is 1st person fiction. The expository pieces that I am most proud of reading are At Home: A short history of private life and*  *A short history of nearly everything, both by Bill Bryson.

I am most proud of my work in science because I feel like I know a lot and I am able to get my work done. I made the most improvement in math class because I wasn’t able to stay on top of the work in the beginning but now I am able to. I am most proud of my war project because I put a lot of work into it. My classes helped me investigate the world, communicate ideas, recognize perspectives and take action by having certain outcomes count for those global competencies.    

I learned the most from the Travel Club trip to DC and Philly this year. The memories I will have this year are traveling to DC/Philly and performing in a play. The DC/Philly trip helped my investigate the world. Literally.  


Eli Williams


— 2 years ago
Lord of the Flies Test
  1. Matching Literary Terms (2 points each)

Terms may be used more than once or not at all.

A. Antagonist

B. Climax

C. External conflict

D. First-person point of view

E. Internal conflict

F. Plot

G. Protagonist

H. Setting

I. Symbolism

J. Third-person omniscient point of view

H 1. The thicket where Ralph hid from the savages

C 2. A struggle between two or more characters, or between a character and force of nature

I 3. Objects, settings, characters, etc. representing abstract ideas

C 4. Jack and Ralph’s struggle over chiefdom

F 5. The series of related events that make up a story

G 6. The main character in a literary work

E 7. Ralph’s indecision about whether or not to hunt

J 8. A type of narrator who is not a character and can relate the thoughts of all characters.

I 9. Roger represents blood lust and brutality at their most extreme.

A 10. A character in a literary work who deceives, frustrates, or works against the main.

B 11. The highest point in the action of the story; the turning point in the central conflict

I 12. The platform where the meetings were originally held

  1. Matching Characters and Details (2 points each)

Terms may be used more than once or not at all.

  1. Asthma

  2. Beast

  3. Castle Rock

  4. Conch

  5. Flies

  6. Jack

  7. Littluns

  8. Piggy

  1. Pilot

  2. Ralph

  3. Roger

  4. Simon

  5. Samneric

  6. Pig’s head

  7. Specs

  8. Twister

_____ 13. One of the trunks that makes up the assembly seating area

Pigs Head 14. Speaks to Simon in his hallucination

Specs 15. The key to fire

Jack 16. Mainly concerned with hunting

Ralph 17. Officially chosen leader of the boys

Asthma 18. The reason Piggy can’t swim, run, or gather fire wood

Castle Rock 19. Where Jack and the savages take up residence after leaving Ralph

little’uns 21. The smallest boys on the island, mostly unnamed

Beast 20. Reportedly large and snake-like

Beast 22. Actually inside the boys themselves, according to Simon

Pilot 23. Entangled in a parachute on the mountain

Piggy 24. Primarily concerned with structure and rules; the intellectual of the boys

Flies 25. Cover both the sow’s head and the dead parachutist’s face

Conch 26. Signifies the beginning of meetings

Samneric 27. Captured and tortured by Jack’s savages and forced to stand watch over Castle Rock

Pigs Head 28. Becomes the Lord of the Flies (to Simon, at least)

Conch 29. Gives holder the authority to speak

Roger 30. Throws rocks at Henry as he is playing on the beach

  1. Novel Quizzes (2 points each)

Answer the following briefly but completely.

31. How do the boys arrive on the island?

Their plane crashed on the island.

32. Which character are you most like? Why?

I like samneric the best because they are funny and stay loyal to Ralph. 

33. Why do the boys need a fire?

To signal a ship to rescue them. 

34. Who (can we assume) is the first boy to die?

The kid with the mulberry birth mark.

35. Why can’t Jack get the pig to stay on his spear?

The spear keeps slipping out of the pig because it has no barbs. 

36. What is your favorite literary element? Why?

My favorite literary element is Resolution because it is when the whole story is draw together and everything is revealed.

37. Who does Piggy say he is scared of?

38. What happens to the parachutist?

39. How does Piggy die?

Roger knocks him off a cliff into the ocean with a bolder 

40. Did you like reading this book? Why or why not?

I liked reading this book because it was very descriptive of the setting and peoples thoughts.  

  1. Short Answer (10 points)

Answer ONE of the following in a fully developed paragraph. You must state your thesis (topic sentence) and the novel title in a topic sentence and support it using details and examples from the story. Use the bottom and back of this page.

  1. Lord of the Flies is an allegorical tale in which symbols abound. Choose one of the following and explain its meaning and use as a symbol in the novel: the conch shell, the spectacles, the “beast,” the fire, the savages’ dance/chant, or the sea.

  1. What do you consider to be the central conflict in the novel? Describe the conflict in specific terms from the novel and also address its type (internal or external? man vs. ___?).

                                          The Conch

    The conch shell is a symbol of order and law. It was first used to call every one together and with out it they might not have been abel to unite properly and could of all died out. It represents order because is used to call meetings and that represent law. When Jack broke off he said the conch did not count on his side off the island, the one that represented no law and disorder. Therefor the conch represents order and law.     

— 2 years ago
L4 Context Clues

Def: Clues in the writing around something that hint what that thing would be. 

L4 Context Clues

Def: Clues in the writing around something that hint what that thing would be. 

— 2 years ago

Muhammad: A guy who god supposedly talked to and made him a prophet. 
Islam: Religion based on Muhammad’s messages from god. It also means to submit to god. 
Muslim: A follower of Islam. 
Qu’Ran: The holy book of Islam 
Shrine: A place where people worship gods. 
Pilgrimage: A journey to a sacred or holy place. 
Mosque: A building for prayer 

How were Islamic teachings like Judaism and Christianity? 
A big similarity is that they all worshiped one god. 

Who was Fatimah and why was she important? 
She cared for Muhammad and had his only descendants. 

Where was the first mosque? 
At Muhammad’s house in Medina. 

Why did Muhammad go to Medina? 
He left because the leaders of Mecca threatened to kill him.

— 2 years ago
Literary Elements

Climax: The most intense, exciting, or important point of the story.

Resolution: The final part of a story in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are resolved.

— 2 years ago

Bible: The holy book of Christianity. 
Crucifixion: An execution in which a person is nailed to a cross. 
Resurrection: Jesus’s rise from the dead. 
Disciples: Followers. 
Apostles: The 12 chosen disciples. 
Saint Paul: One of the Apostles. 
Saint: A person known and admired for his or her holiness. 

What do Christians believe happened after Jesus died? 
Jesus rose from the dead three days later. 
Why do you think people celebrate events in Jesus’s life? 
Because they dont know what else to do. 
Why was Paul important to early Christianity? 
He spread Christianity to different parts of the world 
How does Christianity connect to Judaism or Buddhism? 
Judaism and Christianity and the same except for some names.

— 2 years ago
Lord of the flies Quiz,

Lord of the flies Quiz,

— 2 years ago